The MEMORY & THE JEWISH EXPERIENCE community and classroom screening program features the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary, NOBODY WANTS US (43 mins) and the award-winning PBS film SEE MEMORY (15 mins). Together, the films are in-depth explorations of memory, trauma and resilience within the rich tapestry of the Jewish Experience.

“Now more than ever, we need an experiential program like this.
It brings coping with trauma and the legacy
of the Holocaust off the pages of textbooks
and into the minds of adolescents and adults alike.
Rosemary Smith, Director, Getting Better Foundation

Memory & The Jewish Experience

NOBODY WANTS US is about three teenage Holocaust refugees desperate to make it safely onto American soil. The film offers an intimate and deeply poignant perspective on the lasting effects of historical events and their profound impact on memory within the context of the Jewish experience.

SEE MEMORY explores the Art and Science of memory through 30,000 hand-painted stills by Viviane Silvera. The film delves into the mysterious and intricate role of memory in shaping our identities. Includes commentary from memory experts including Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel.

DIALOGUE & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Together these films stimulate in-depth dialogues within the context of the Jewish narrative. Discussions draw from both scientific and human perspectives, creating a profound appreciation for the intricate complexities of memory. Over 8,000 schools and communities have used our films.

POST-SCREENING PANEL: The film directors and memory experts can be available to participate in meaningful post-screening discussions.

Links to the trailers: SEE MEMORY + NOBODY WANT US

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