Documentary in Progress about Refugees Resettling in the US

We’re producing a documentary to create a better understanding of the plight of refugees and inspire people to help the refugee crisis — one family at a time.

Below are some voices featured in our documentary in progress.


“We were the lucky ones. Others were killed by bombs.”


“We’re standing up & saying it’s not okay and need to be a part of the solution.”


“How frightening it is to leave your country & feel so unsure & unsafe.”


“I appreciate the fear & anxiety our Muslim brothers & sisters face.”


“We must demand equality & justice now for the future.”


“These refugees have lost their homes, families & lives they had.”

Documentary in Progress about Refugees Resettling in the US

The United State’s response to Syrian Refugees is eerily similar to the way Holocaust refugees were met over 70 years prior. We are telling two very personal, parallel stories of families resettling in the United States.

In our documentary in progress, we get to know several individuals who have left their homes behind and come to the US to seek safety and shelter. We also encounter people whose voices and actions inspire others to take responsibility for local refugees in need.

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