Documentary Videos

Dive deeper into relevant issues and gain a new perspective

Our video narratives offer in depth commentary on topics ranging from homelessness to racism.

Present environmental issues and portraits of nature that engage and educate audiences on the rapidly shifting circumstances of our world.

Advocate for health and wellness through documentaries that shed light on physical and mental well-being.  We can help offer unique perspectives on coping with mental illness, healthcare management solutions, and the ever changing medical industry.

Highlight diverse cultures with videos that emphasize religious and ethnic diversity.  Our videos help empower cross-cultural communication to bring about understanding and acceptance.

Educate the public through a series of short documentaries or an informative video.  We have helped government agencies, like the National Institutes of Health and The National Library of Medicine, communicate their message to extensive and varied audiences.

Tell your unique story to the world through film!  We create biographies and spotlights on individuals and groups ranging from America’s first ladies to family histories.

Our work has aired on PBS, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, Discovery and the History Channel.

Documentary Video Examples

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