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Las Abogadas

LAS ABOGADAS centers around women attorneys standing up to insurmountable odds on the front lines of the migrant crisis. We follow them fighting for immigrants to be allowed into the U.S. while combating years of setbacks.

An inspiring film for students and communities to encourage them to get involved. The film is being used by law, public policy, political science, international relations, sociology, psychology, and social work students as well as professionals in these fields.

Nobody Wants Us

NOBODY WANTS US features 3 teenagers and their families hoping to make it safely into the US while trying to escape the Nazi invasion of Europe. This EMMY-nominated 40-minute PBS film is about immigration issues that are still prevalent today.

This film and educational modules are annotated with State Standards of Learning and Curriculum Framework. Used by over 9,000 school and community screenings around the world – ranging from middle school through graduate school students.

The Last Boat Out

LAST BOAT OUT tells the inspiring story of a family of watermen tirelessly trying to preserve their way of life working the waters on the Chesapeake Bay. This 28-minute PBS documentary shows how fishermen are the first to see the effects of pollution and overdevelopment in the bay.

This case study has been used by High Schools and Junior High Environmental and Social Studies classes as well as communities along the Chesapeake Bay watershed.